Welcome, Fellow Heretics!

Hi! Welcome to the Wandering Heretics blog, the official spot for rumination into the world of indie publishing and insights about what’s going on with our particular publishing venture, Codorus Press.

‘As you might imagine, we’re pretty passionate about the future for indie publishing in the 21st century, and we’re very particular about the company we keep. We’re not advocates of print-on-demand companies or publishing as a one-person-show. We describe ourselves as a literary collective, and we take that label very seriously (while managing to have a lot of fun at the same time). Here’s who we are – a group of talented journalists and artists who believe that by pooling our collective (and individual) talents, we can do nearly everything a large corporate publishing house does, and do much of it better.

We’re a closed press, so we don’t take submissions from outside authors. But through our personal appearances and consulting services (more on those later), we hope to educate and inspire others to take on the same challenges we have. Publishing no longer has to be a game of authors waiting for the divine light of publishing houses to shine upon them. But that doesn’t mean that success happens by magic.

It’s through this blog that Codorus Press founder and shaman Wayne Lockwood and other members of the Codorus Press team hope to share with you the trials and triumphs of indie publishing when done the right (and occasionally the back-assward) way.

It’s where you’ll find information on our current release, Immaculate Deception-A Novel by Scott B. Pruden, as well as the skinny on other titles coming down the pike, like Wayne’s new book, the soon-to-be-released Acid Indigestion Eyes: Collected Essays and Musings on Generation X.

We’ll also use this space to update our fans on where and when The Wandering Heretics Independent Publishing Tent Revival and Old Time Medicine Show, our presentation on indie publishing the Codorus Press way, will be popping up next, and how we can help you succeed in your own indie publishing ventures.

We at Codorus Press are passionate about sharing information with readers and aspiring authors and publishers, so we welcome your comments and questions about what we’ve got going on. Thanks!


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