We Are the Rainmakers

After a rainy day doing our guerilla marketing thing at the Brooklyn Book Festival last year, then again spending a soggy day at the Philadelphia Book Festival this past April (followed by a severe leg injury to Codorus Press author Scott B. Pruden), we at the press started to joke that if you needed rain in your area, you could solve the problem by inviting us to a local book fest.

Lo and behold, we’re in the middle of a three-day stint at the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend, and Friday the Charm City, as we might have expected, was a little moist. This poses a special challenge to those of us who deal in books, as paper and water aren’t exactly friends.

It’s also a challenge to us as publishers and authors, as we attend these events specifically to engage with readers, other authors and publishers. Rain is good for many things (crops, recharging the water supply, accompanying lovemaking, etc.) but it’s hard to hang out with folks when you’re constantly worried about getting drenched or their umbrellas dumping a bucket of water on your display table.

Still, we soldier on with the other vendors and exhibitors at the festival because we, like they, believe in what we’re doing and the philosophy we espouse – that independent publishing can be done well, with a group of similarly devoted people, and it can be successful.

So, if you’re nearby this weekend, grab your raincoat or umbrella and brave Mother Nature in the pursuit of some great new reading, an enlightening conversation about the mechanics of indie publishing, or a low-pressure visit with a most appreciative author (like Wayne Lockwood, Mike Argento and Scott B. Pruden). We’re at booth N14 both Saturday and Sunday, and we look forward to meeting you.




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2 responses to “We Are the Rainmakers

  1. Amber Myers

    Read Acid Indigestion Eyes, a couple weeks after meeting Mr. Lockwood. It didn’t make rain in my apartment or anything, I swear! Was really good, and it connected me to a few decades back and a few ahead, in people hearts. When it’s particularly dreary in Akron, I wish I could be a different person & get on with any array of eye-of-the-tiger causes (like the ones that pull your bones out of your pores to do), but THE biggest one is being part of a family of friends. Serious Thanks, Wayne!

    • Hey Amber! I’m really glad you liked the book. Talking to you was pretty easily the high point of a dreary day, and you know from dreary. It’s a real cliche, but you can be a different person anytime you want to. And if for some reason you’re not ready, don’t flagellate yourself. Sometimes it’s quick as flipping the light switch. Sometimes more like building a bomb.
      St. Vonnegut said to be careful what you pretend to be, because you become what you pretend. Just pretend well, and it’ll become reality. We started as drunk pretend publishers …

      P.S. “Bones out of your pores” 🙂

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