New At Codorus

Greetings, friends! A quick update from the Codorus Press crew to update you on our latest bits of indie publishing daring-do!

Mike Argento, author of the well-reviewed comedy caper novel Don’t Be Cruel, has been making the rounds on his home turf of southcentral Pennsylvania lately, appearing March 11 at the Keystone Record Collectors’ Pennsylvania Music Expo in Lancaster (because all the coolest Amish have great record collections for their steam-powered phonographs). The next sighting will likely be the spring edition of the York Book and Paper Fair April 7 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in York, Pa. Tentatively appearing with Mike are Scott B. Pruden, author of debut Codorus title Immaculate Deception, and Tom Joyce, author of the forthcoming occult thriller The Freak Foundation Operative’s Report. We’ve got other book festivals lined up this spring, so stay tuned for more info!

In other news of Codorus cross-pollination, Scott raves about Tom’s work as the Codorus Press “bar stool development editor” in his latest blog posting, while Tom name-checks Scott in his blog entry on reading James Bond novel Casino Royale for the first time.

Meanwhile, Codorus founder and shaman Wayne Lockwood continues to rock out in front of the crowd and behind the scenes. His band The Shockers are planning their triumphant reunion with their special brand of face-blistering rock. He’s also hitting the virtual pavement seeking reviewers for his Codorus debut, Acid Indigestion Eyes: Musings and Essays on Generation X (already lauded by The Midwest Book Review) and Don’t Be Cruel. If you’re interested in reviewing either title (or Immaculate Deception, for that matter), please contact Kent Richmond, the Codorus minister of information, at

Also, don’t forget that all the Codorus authors are available for interviews, guest blog contributions or regional speaking gigs on writing and indie publishing. Kent is also the man to contact for that.


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