Barnes & Noble’s recent decision to cut back on shelf space for actual books to make room for other elements of its business plan, like baby stuff and toys, has definitely left us at Codorus Press a bit deflated. Not just because we haven’t been able to get our winter offerings, Acid Indigestion Eyes and Don’t Be Cruel the same national coverage that we got for Immaculate Deception just 10 months ago, but because we’ve actually seen entire parts of stores recede and be replaced with Legos.

Now, understand, we LOOOVE Legos. If we were a Lego publisher, we’d be feeling awfully bullish right now (actually, that’s a helluva idea). But we’re not. We’re still in the noun-verb trade.

Between this and a massive return from B&N on ID last month (because the part of the store they’ve most often replaced has been the SCI-FI section), it left your Codorus crew hardcore whiskey depressed the other night. So we did what any self-respecting guy does when he’s been dumped. We started cyberstalking.

And you know how that usually goes.

But this time, we found out how much love there really is out there for Codorus Press. We are VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE. Of course, virtually meaning online, but the coverage WORLDWIDE is somewhat staggering.

First, there’s And, yes, I must admit, And (an arm of BN, you must be warned). Powell’, one of our favorite still-brick-and-mortar megastores, has us. has some of the best deals on Codorus books, sometimes up to 30 percent off, same with has us, and if you buy from them, the money taken in helps to fund literacy programs. caters to the library market, and we are there. seems to cater to teachers, and their book-club efforts.

Our favorite, though, is the access through the IndieBound website. Thanks to them, Codorus books are available in practically every great independent bookstore in the United States. On their virtual shelves, yes. But still. If you want to order one of our titles and haven’t yet, support one of these stores through IndieBound.

After years of buying rare books through the website, it gives us great pleasure to see our books there. Nearly 20 online booksellers are offering Codorus books there, at a range of prices. A few even have some used copies (and we know where these came from, but we’re not telling).

We’re even on eBay! Some of those same AbeBooks sellers are over there.

Slipping the bonds of the U.S., BookDepository in the U.K. has us at 25 percent off.  In Australia, try and

This is the new reality, and it’s most definitely virtual. None of these online outlets would exist if there weren’t customers for them. So we’re giving love back to all those online bookstores showing us the love today, instead of mooning over the ex.


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