Wayne Lockwood, our founder and shaman, takes a moment in his blog entry today to recall his father’s friendship with the late reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Ben Cramer.

wayne lockwood

“Yeah, Wayne, it’s your dad. I wanted to tell you that my friend Richard, the writer, died yesterday. I heard it on the radio, and they said Richard Cramer, and I couldn’t believe it. He was a nice guy. I’m gonna miss him.”

Richard (Ben Cramer) lived on a farm around the corner from my dad in Chestertown, Md., an odd place for someone who won a Pulitzer Prize for Middle East reporting to plant himself. Or maybe not so odd, when you really think about it. Getting the hell away from everything has helped writers write for untold epochs. Chestertown’s as “the hell away” from everything as anyplace.

Dad leased part of Richard’s farm to grow crops that wouldn’t fit on his immaculate little fruit farm and found a neighborly pal. They were both about the same age. Actually, Richard was a year younger, Dad pointedly liked to point…

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