Jessica McHugh’s New Book — “Virtuoso at Masturbation”

Tom Joyce's chamber of the bizarre

Instructional manual? Biography with the subtitle “Tom Joyce: The Adolescent Years?” No, “Virtuoso at Masturbation” is neither of these things. It’s a new  book by the very funny and talented Jessica McHugh, whose novel “Pins” I reviewed here. I also interviewed her here.

If your haven’t read “Pins” or “liked” her Facebook page, do yourself a favor on both counts and get on that. “Virtuoso at Masturbation” isn’t a novel, though. Jessica describes it as “a collection of funny ponderings, fan-submitted illustrations, and unique writing prompts.”

If you’re a writer, the “writing prompts” part of that description alone would be reason enough to buy the book. Jessica is hands-down the most prolific writer I’ve ever met. This woman’s imagination is on steroids. So that’s great if she wants to share some of her writing prompts with us mere mortals who spend lengthy periods of time staring at…

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