It’s a Massive Science Fiction Convention Convergence Weekend! Behave Yourselves!

The Codorus Press crew couldn’t make either of the two huge science fiction/fantasy/horror conventions happening this weekend, but author Scott B. Pruden checks in with a reminder for attendees to mind their manners.

Scott B. Pruden


Wow is right. God bless the Power Girls and Supergirls out there hitting the two major science fiction conventions happening this weekend – DragonCon in HOT-Lanta, Ga.; and LoneStarCon, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

Not just because you, as attractive female cosplayers and convention attendees, have upped the legitimacy of these events by your very presence, but also because you’ve had to put up with a lot of crap. That crap stems mainly from two things.

First, for a long, long time, science fiction, comics and horror conventions were the purview of – how can I put this delicately? – inadequately socialized men. And these men were used to a nerd/geek hierarchy that has developed over many years in which he who knew the most won.

Notice the pronoun there – he. Were there women in fandom? Sure. But it was assumed for…

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