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Codorus Press Heads Home


Author Tom Joyce (right) and unpaid, underage intern Andrew Pruden (son of author Scott B. Pruden), hold down the Codorus Press booth at Central PA ComicCon.

The Codorus Press crew was back on our ancestral turf of York, Pa., this past weekend joining in the fun at Central PA ComicCon.

This was our second year participating in the con, and wow, it’s grown! This year we were at the Old Main building of the York Fairgrounds, which made for a great and wide open venue with lots of room for vendors, customers, cosplayers and celebrities to mingle, buy merchandise, take pictures and just revel in the awesomeness. Continue reading


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Tom Joyce Welcomes You to the Freak (Foundation) Show

FreakCover (2)We’re thrilled to announce that this week sales of The Freak Foundation Operative’s Report by longtime Codorus Press compatriot Tom Joyce went live online, and that the buzz that had already been building about its release is continuing now that it’s out there in readers’ hands.

Lucky early-adopters had already been able to grab copies through hand sales and Goodreads giveaways, but now it’s out there for everyone to enjoy.

And enjoy, you shall.

What’s it about? Here’s a little taste from the book jacket:

Masked worshippers of a bloodthirsty, ancient god — calling themselves The Slain — have the Central Pennsylvania city of Batley under siege. Between slugs of rotgut, a skeptical operative must use wits and bare knuckles to connect a part-time faerie queen, the sordid history of a carnival and a reclusive cult leader who may have unleashed unearthly evil. The Freak Foundation Operative’s Report is a shell game of a novel that combines elements of hard-boiled mysteries, occult thrillers and dark social satire. It’s H.P. Lovecraft meets Elmore Leonard by way of the Marx Brothers.

Wow! A little something for everyone. Early reviews are enormously positive and so far reader response has been wonderful.

Linda D. Addison, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend, calls FFOR “Mind-altering mystery.”

“Each character was so real that I found myself forgetting this was fiction,” she adds. “It’s impossible to believe this is a first novel. I can’t wait to read the next work from this highly inventive author.”

Not too shabby. But we’re not surprised. Tom’s ear for dialogue has been finely tuned from years as a voracious reader and newspaper journalist, and the plot is a whirlwind of unforgettable and absurd situations that keep the story moving forward at a breakneck pace.

We’re thrilled to have this full-length work from Tom, and we’re looking forward to pulling together a number of his excellent short stories in an anthology sometime soon. Pester him on his website to see if he’ll post one to give you a little taste.

In the meantime, Tom and Scott B. Pruden, author of our debut title, Immaculate Deception, are working to team up on some appearances at horror and sci-fi conventions in late 2013 and through 2014 (complete with Tom’s signature sword-swallowing, Three-Card-Monte games and various feats of sleight of hand).

Stay tuned for details on those, and make sure to order FFOR right away so you can see what all the fuss is about.

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August 21, 2013 · 4:47 pm

Long Live (Weirdness Involving) the King

Lots of Elvis in the news these days – mainly thanks to those guys down in Tupelo (one of whom is an Elvis impersonator) who were Elvis Presleybeing eyed as part of some weird plot to poison President Obama and a couple of other officials with ricin.

Weird? Yes. But as we all know, that’s nowhere near the extent of the weirdness that surrounds the late King of Rock n’ Roll.

Alien abduction plots? Check.

The real Elvis (maybe?) roaming the Southwest, doing good for anonymous strangers? Check.

Elvis in a nursing home with JFK, battling for the souls of residents while battling an ancient mummy? Check.

But this whole business with assassination plots is as weird as it gets, right?

"Don't Be Cruel"

Not really. Codorus Press author Mike Argento speculates in his novel Don’t Be Cruel that the King would make the perfect basis of a fake church. Too bad the lawyers for the real Elvis (Inc.) came down on the low-rent mobster who had the idea that all the potential profits were sucked away.

Want to see just how weird? Well, along with the First Church of Elvis, Scientist, you’ll also find a couple of pitifully unqualified hit men, a law student stripper (who works at a club called The Happy Beaver) and a not-very-motivated police detective who’s assigned the case.

It’s all tied up with a bow of insanity in the spirit of hilarious crime fiction by the likes of Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard.

So if you like your Elvis-based conspiracies hilarious and improbable – just like in real life! – then you really need to give Don’t Be Cruel a spin in your literary jukebox.

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