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Feeling Frosty – The Codorus Press Crew Heads to Frostburg, Md.

Frostburg 2013 logoIt’s a late festival season for the Codorus Press crew, but we’re getting things off to a great start with our second annual appearance at the Western Maryland Indie Lit Festival in beautiful Frostburg, Md.

The first time we hit Frostburg was a bounty of awesomeness for all our authors. Codorus founder Wayne Lockwood and co-founder Scott B. Pruden appeared on a couple of panels each, and the same goes for this year. We love to talk about writing and we’ll do it until your ears bleed, so please feel free to interrupt us before that happens.

Last year we also go to know über prolific author Jessica McHugh, who we’d originally bumped into at the Baltimore Book Festival, as her publisher’s booth was right next door. When Scott sat on the sci-fi and fantasy panel, he joined now Nebula Award-winning short story writer Andy Duncan, also a fellow University of South Carolina alum, in speaking on the topic. (They each managed to refrain from joining in a call-response cheer of “Game!” … “Cocks!”

We also got to know Gerry LaFemina, part of the faculty at Frostburg State University (which hosts the festival), and will be publishing his forthcoming novel Clamor before the end of 2013. Codorus author Tom Joyce, meanwhile, perpetrated the usual lunacy and built some buzz for his novel, The Freak Foundation Operative’s Report, which launched over the summer.

All in all a pretty productive visit, wouldn’t you say?

Tom will be back with us again this year with actual copies of Freak Foundation ( or FFOR, as we like to call it), promotional information on forthcoming title Silent City by Alex Segura, and we’ll also be joined by Junior Deputy Codorus Press Intern, Andrew Pruden, Scott’s 9-year-old son, who’ll be offering his own original work, the short story “Animal Crime Fighters.”

Perhaps best of all, we got to meet and interact with dozens of writers, publishers and – most importantly – readers. We have no doubt the same will be said for this year’s event.

We hope you can join us if you happen to be rambling around the mountains of western Maryland tomorrow at the Frostburg State University Creative Writing Center. Things get rolling at around 11 a.m. and we’ll be in the house until 6 p.m..



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Give the Copy Editor Some LOVE!

"Don't Be Cruel"

The first-edition cover of Mike Argento's first novel, coming from Codorus Press in December. Read the story of this cover in the next ShamanPost!

Hey all, Codorus Press shaman Wayne Lockwood here today to tell you all about how much YOU need a copy editor.

When we do outreach, one of the things we hear over and over about many independent books is how they are distinguished by SLOPPILY EDITED COPY. It’s more than a bit player in the rogues gallery cast that helps keep the indie press (and especially self-publishing) so stigmatized.

Keep in mind: The Unabomber Manifesto was pretty clean copy when it hit the newspaper, and that was written by a maniac. Definitely cleaner than more than a few self-published works I’ve seen. Your work’s important. If you want its message to get through to your audience, it’s time to befriend a copy editor.

We at Codorus figured out pretty quickly that we didn’t want to go at this all alone. We have people who are great at design, marketing, character and plot development, and yes, copy editing. And we’re all friends.

Just to illustrate how important it is, “Don’t Be Cruel” by Mike Argento went through three copy editors, one of whom was his very talented wife, Cine, who also shot his author pic. Again, FRIEND. Your copy editor might be living in your house.

In the everyone-needs-an-editor department, each one caught things the others didn’t. Mostly small. Like Kaczynski, Argento wrote clean ;). But, Devil’s in the details (if not Dover). So’s the sheen of quality.

Find a friend who is a great copy editor, get their help, and you’ll be beak and wing above the flock of indie and self-publishers. The folks who are members of the American Copy Editors Society are some of the best on the planet. If you don’t have a friend, check with them. Or put an ad on MediaBistro. At the very least, run your spellcheck.

Remember, the Unabomber is setting the bar high. Don’t look crazier than him.

In fitting tribute, and as a little taste of “Don’t Be Cruel,” set for December release, here are copy editor extraordinaire Ted Palik’s edits on “DBC.” It’s the funniest set of copy edits in Codorus history. Hope you enjoy … wl

  • 1: Spunkmeyer lit ’em up (apostrophe facing wrong way) Jell-O is a trademark.
  • 7: hard-ons.’ ” (need space between single closing quote and double quotes)
  • 11: stepbrother
  • 13: need a “the” — day of the week it was  pingpong-ball gods
  • 14: re-creating (hyphen needed)
  • 16: should be … when he went to investigate, sted we  Road Runner — 2 words in this context
  • 17: able to ace constitutional law (word missing)
  • 21: With an I (word missing)
  • 26: able to squeeze (word missing) Nicolas Cage (no h)
  • 27: cash flow? (need question mark?)
  • 28: 401(k)
  • 32: hard-ons.’ ” (need space between single and double quotes)
  • 34: ” … sorts of shit … ” (word missing) trees, not tress
  • 36: underwhelmed (one word) The King, be consistent ’70s-era kitchen (apost. facing wrong way)
  • 37: “a lot of money” (word missing)
  • 42: “Hi,’ ” (need space between single and double quotes)
  • 43: dancers’ dressing room, not dancer’s dressing room
  • 46: fathers (no apost. needed) a thing (word missing)
  • 47: in passage about Ted Bundy — he didn’t seem like a serial killer — otherwise it doesn’t make sense Cortez’s conquest
  • 50: into the past.’ ” (space needed)
  • 57: back into the hallway (need word into)
  • 60: fridge, (no apost. needed)
  • 61: … scene, the river (space needed between comma and the)
  • 63: The King; be consistent
  • 64: needed to find a place (word missing)
  • 72: getaway is one word
  • 81: Polamalu, not PolamanuFuck if I know,’ ” (space needed between single and boujle quotes)
  • 83: and inserted it into the hole (missing word)
  • 92: brung ’em (apst. facing wrong way) brung ’em here (apost. facing worong way)
  • 96: lie low ’80s (apst. facing wrong way)
  • 97: plugged ’em up (apost. facing wrong way) up to the Hatfield brothers (word missing) say good,’ ” (need space)
  • 98: self-defense (need hyphen)” … Return to Sender.’ ” (need space between single and double quotes)
  • 100: Big Butts.’ ” (need space between singhle and double quotes)
  • 103: dash should be unbroken in sentence about The Shaggs.
  • 105: fix paragraph “Eddie picked up on it”
  • 106: lose extra towards fucking arm.’ ” (need space between quotes)
  • 115: sandwiches. . (why extra period?)
  • 116: stepson is one word was a little nervous (word missing)
  • 117: I’ll get ’em.” (apost. facing wrong way)
  • 118: lose single quotes around Life
  • 124: makeup is one word
  • 125 : King.’ ” space needed)
  • 127: “bust my balls.’ ” space needed between quote marks) Jell-O. altar
  • 130: close extra space before the word syphilis
  • 134: I’ll be back … (word missing)
  • 135: U.S. attorney, use lower case when referring to a single U.S. attorney
  • 136: “Don’t be cruel.’ ” (space needed)
  • 137: Polamalu (spelled wrong)
  • 145: fix paragraphing
  • 147: buzzkill is one word
  • 148: straightforward is one word
  • 149: worst-case scenario (hyphen needed)
  • 153: TomTom
  • 155: Beretta
  • 156: close quotes: “like a gunshot.”TomTom
  • 158: lose redundant Elvis and
  • 159: his eyes had sunkBeretta
  • 157: FedEx is one word
  • 181: fix paragraphing
  • 188: too many Afters Herodotus?? I thought it was Hesiod? (p. 35)
  • 188: Akbar el Hussein, not al Hussein (it was el earlier, on page 88) multimillion

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